Monkey Face Rattle

Rs. 499.00

Monkey Face Rattle

Rs. 499.00
Product description

Introducing our Monkey Faced Shape Rattle, a delightful and eco-friendly sensory toy crafted with love and care. Made from organic cotton cloth, this rattle is not only gentle on the environment but also provides a safe and engaging playtime experience for your little one.

Key Features:

Adorable Monkey Design: The rattle features an endearing monkey face design that is sure to capture your baby's attention and spark their imagination.

Organic Cotton Material: Crafted from soft, organic cotton cloth, this rattle is free from harmful chemicals and safe for babies to play with and explore.

Sensory Stimulation: The gentle rattle sound and different textures of the fabric provide sensory stimulation, promoting auditory and tactile development.

Easy to Grip: The rattle is designed with a shape that is easy for little hands to grasp and hold, promoting fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

What will my child learn?

Eco-Friendly and Safe: Made from organic cotton, this rattle is a sustainable choice for eco-conscious parents who want to provide a safe and chemical-free playtime experience.

Sensory Development: The rattle's gentle sound and varied textures stimulate a baby's senses, aiding in their cognitive and sensory development.

Fine Motor Skills: Holding and manipulating the rattle encourages the development of fine motor skills, which are crucial for later stages of physical development.

Cuddly Companion: The soft fabric and lovable monkey face make this rattle a comforting companion for your baby, providing them with a sense of security.

How to play?

Introduce the Rattles: Show the rattles to your baby and let them explore the different designs, textures, and shapes. Talk to them about the colors and patterns.

Encourage Grasping: Place the rattles in your baby's hand and gently guide their fingers around the rattle. Encourage them to grasp and hold onto it.

Demonstrate the Rattle Sound: Gently shake the rattle to produce a soft, soothing sound. This auditory stimulation can captivate your baby's attention.

Observe Sensory Exploration: Allow your baby to explore the rattle using their sense of touch. They may enjoy feeling the fabric, patterns, and textures with their fingers.

Tummy Time Play: During tummy time, place the rattles within your baby's reach. This encourages reaching and swatting motions, promoting muscle development. 

Interactive Playtime: Engage with your baby by shaking the rattles gently, creating a pleasing sound. Encourage them to watch and listen.

What will I get?

One Monkey Shaped rattle

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