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Home Calendar - English
Home Calendar - English Rs. 596.00 Rs. 749.00
Nurturing a child's understanding of the world around them is a fundamental aspect of their growth. Our Day Date Month and Moods Board offers a delightful way to acknowledge and grasp these essential elements of life. By interacting with this board, children can actively participate in recognizing and adjusting to daily changes, fostering a sense of awareness and enriching their overall development. What will my child learn? Holistic Development: Actively engaging with the Day Date Month and Moods Board supports cognitive, emotional, and social development. It encourages a well-rounded understanding of the world.Enhanced Self-Awareness: By recognizing and selecting their mood, children become more attuned to their own emotions, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves.Fosters a Sense of Time and Season: Updating the board daily helps children comprehend the passage of time and understand the cyclical nature of seasons, connecting them more deeply with the world around them. How to play? Daily Adjustments: Encourage the child to update the board with the current day, date, month, season, and weather. This hands-on activity helps them grasp the passage of time and the changing seasons. Exploring Emotions: Prompt the child to select the mood that best represents how they feel. This encourages emotional intelligence and self-awareness, vital skills for healthy social interactions. What will I get? One English Calendar and a Lace to hang the calendar
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Comprehensive English Kit
Comprehensive English Kit Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,299.00
Introducing the Early Learning English Kit: A Comprehensive Educational Set for Ages 2-5 Unlock the world of learning with our meticulously designed Early Learning English Kit. Tailored for children aged 2-5 years, this kit encompasses 11 interactive sheets and engaging flashcards, providing a holistic educational experience. Crafted with love in India, this game is free from any harmful or hazardous substances, ensuring the safety of your little ones. What will my child learn? Educational Excellence: Our kit has been carefully designed by experts to ensure it aligns with early childhood education principles. Hands-On Learning: The interactive nature of the kit engages children in a tactile and multisensory learning experience. Made in India: We take pride in supporting local craftsmanship and ensuring the quality of our products. Safety First: Your child's safety is our priority. Rest assured that our kit is free from any harmful substances. Easy Teaching: The kit provides parents and educators with the tools they need to teach essential concepts effectively. How to Play? Using the Comprehensive English Kit is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to maximize its effectiveness: Calendar Marking: Spread out the Calendar Marking sheet and provide your child with markers or stickers. Guide them in marking important dates, such as birthdays or special events. Discuss the days, weeks, and months to reinforce the concept of time. Month of the Year: Lay out the Month of the Year sheet along with the corresponding Velcro pieces. Encourage your child to place each month in its correct spot on the sheet. Discuss the characteristics and significance of each month. Days of the Week: Provide the Days of the Week sheet and Velcro days of the week. Assist your child in arranging the days in the correct order. Practice saying the days aloud for reinforcement. Sorting Colors: Introduce the Sorting Colors sheet and Velcro color swatches. Instruct your child to sort and attach each color to its designated area on the sheet. Discuss objects and items associated with each color. Fruits and Vegetables: Lay out the Fruits and Vegetables sheet and the corresponding Velcro images. Encourage your child to sort and attach each fruit and vegetable to the correct category on the sheet. Discuss the nutritional benefits and flavors of each item. Seasons of the Year: Present the Seasons of the Year sheet along with the Velcro images. Guide your child in placing each image in the corresponding season on the sheet. Discuss the characteristics and activities associated with each season. Modes of Transport: Spread out the Modes of Transport sheet and provide the Velcro transport images. Guide your child in placing each mode of transport in its appropriate space on the sheet. Discuss the different purposes and characteristics of each mode. Our Body Parts: Provide the Our Body Parts sheet and the Velcro body part labels. Assist your child in placing each label in the correct position on the sheet. Discuss the functions and importance of each body part for a comprehensive understanding. Animal Shadow Matching: Lay out the Animal Shadow Matching sheet and the corresponding Velcro animal images. Encourage your child to match each animal with its shadow on the sheet. Discuss the features and habitats of the animals for an interactive learning experience. Continents and Oceans: Introduce the Continents and Oceans sheet along with the Velcro pieces. Guide your child in placing each continent and ocean in its correct spot on the sheet. Discuss the characteristics and locations of each continent and ocean. Animal Habitats: Provide the Animal Habitats sheet and the Velcro animal images. Guide your child in placing each animal in its corresponding habitat on the sheet. Discuss the environments and characteristics of each habitat. National Symbol of India: Lay out the National Symbol of India sheet and the Velcro symbols. Encourage your child to match each symbol with its designated spot on the sheet. Discuss the significance and meaning of each symbol. Hot and Cold Temperature Concept: Spread out the Hot and Cold Temperature Concept sheet along with the Velcro images. Guide your child in placing each image in the correct category (hot or cold) on the sheet. Discuss the characteristics and examples of hot and cold temperatures. Trace the Alphabets and Numbers: Provide a writing utensil and the Trace the Alphabets and Numbers sheet. Guide your child in tracing along the lines to develop fine motor skills and letter/number recognition. Flash Cards for Shape Matching: Introduce the Flash Cards for Shape Matching and provide the Velcro shape pieces. Encourage your child to match each shape to its corresponding card. Discuss the names and characteristics of each shape. Remember to maintain a positive and encouraging learning environment. Praise your child's efforts and provide guidance as needed. This Comprehensive English Kit is designed to make learning enjoyable and interactive, providing a strong foundation for early education. What will I get? The Little Learner English Kit covers a spectrum of subjects, including: Calendar Marking Months of the Year Days of the Week Sorting Colors Fruits and Vegetables Seasons of the Year Modes of Transport Our Body Parts Animal Shadow Matching Continents and Oceans Animal Habitats National Symbols of India Hot and Cold Temperature Concepts Alphabet and Number Tracing Flash Cards for Shape Matching
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iSpy - Counting ,Sorting and Comparing made easy for the child
iSpy - Counting ,Sorting and Comparing made easy for the child Rs. 299.00 Rs. 450.00
Introducing our captivating iSpy game, an immersive journey through six exciting themes: sports, bugs, camping, circus, dinosaurs, and the solar system.Each theme invites you on a fascinating journey to uncover a host of hidden objects, creating an adventure that's both educational and entertaining. What will my child learn? Six Engaging Themes: Dive into the worlds of sports, bugs, camping, circus, dinosaurs, and the solar system. Each theme offers a unique set of hidden objects to uncover. Sharpen Your Observation Skills: Train your eye to spot even the most elusive of items, enhancing your attention to detail and visual acuity. How to Play? Select Your Theme: Choose a theme that piques your interest, or venture through all six for an array of captivating experiences. Embark on the Hunt: Seek out each object, checking them off as you go. Take your time, and relish the thrill of discovery. Immerse in Learning: Pause to delve into the informative details accompanying each object, turning every find into an opportunity for knowledge. What will I get? Six sheets and a Marker
Pencil Gripping Workbook
Pencil Gripping Workbook Rs. 399.00
Introducing our Pencil Gripping Workbook - a carefully designed tool to support and refine a child's pencil grip and writing skills. This workbook offers a series of engaging activities that focus on enhancing fine motor control, precision, and overall writing proficiency. Key Features: Specialized Exercises: The workbook is filled with a variety of exercises specifically tailored to improve pencil grip and control. These activities are crafted to progressively challenge and strengthen a child's hand muscles. Clear Guidance: Each page provides clear instructions and visual cues to help the child understand and execute the gripping techniques effectively. Gradual Progression: The workbook is structured to guide the child from basic exercises to more complex ones, ensuring a steady and confident development of their pencil grip. Durable Quality: Made with high-quality materials, the workbook is built to withstand repeated use and the pressures of learning to grip and write. What will my child learn? Improved Pencil Grip: The workbook focuses on teaching children how to hold a pencil or writing instrument correctly, which is essential for neat and legible handwriting. Enhanced Fine Motor Skills: Engaging in gripping exercises helps develop the small muscles in the hand, leading to better control over writing and drawing. Preparation for Writing: The workbook lays a strong foundation for future writing tasks by instilling proper grip techniques early on. Boosted Confidence: As children master each exercise, they gain confidence in their ability to hold and control a pencil, setting them up for success in their writing endeavors. How to play? Begin by introducing the workbook to the child. Explain that it's a special book designed to help them improve their pencil grip and writing. Provide the child with a sharpened pencil and eraser. Make sure the pencil is of an appropriate size for their hand. Guide the child through the various exercises in the workbook. These may include tracing lines, shapes, or letters, as well as activities that focus on grip strength. Encourage the child to use the workbook regularly, but ensure they don't overexert their hand muscles. Consistent practice will lead to gradual improvement. What will I get? Book has 25+ writing pages and a Free Stationery Kit    
Money Book
Money Book Rs. 599.00
Introducing our Money Book, a dynamic tool designed to spark interest in mathematics while instilling essential financial habits in your child. This engaging resource not only cultivates the habit of saving but also strengthens your child's mathematical proficiency. From recognizing coins and notes to budgeting and even exploring the historical relevance depicted on Indian currency, this book offers a comprehensive learning experience. What will my child learn? Mathematical Proficiency: By engaging with activities centered around money, children develop essential math skills such as addition and subtraction, all while gaining a practical understanding of currency.Financial Literacy: The book lays the foundation for financial literacy, teaching children the importance of saving, budgeting, and making informed financial decisions.Cultural Awareness: Through exploring the imagery on Indian currency, children gain insight into the historical and cultural significance associated with each coin and note. How to play? Begin with an Introduction: Explain to the child what the Money Book is and its purpose. Emphasize that it's a tool to learn about money, saving, and basic financial concepts. Explore the Contents: Go through the book together. Point out different sections, activities, and topics it covers. Highlight any special features like board games, certificates, or interactive elements. Start with Coin Recognition: Begin by teaching the child about various coins in circulation. Show them real coins and help them identify each one by name, value, and appearance. Simple Addition and Subtraction: Use the activities in the book to practice basic arithmetic using money. For example, ask the child to add or subtract different denominations to calculate totals. Consistent Use: Encourage the child to use the Money Book regularly. Practice the activities, play the board games, and revisit concepts to reinforce their understanding. What will I get? One Book, Two Paper Board Games and One Certificate.
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Early Childhood Learning Kit
Early Childhood Learning Kit Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,299.00
Nurture your child's curiosity and cognitive development with our comprehensive Early Childhood Interactive Learning Kit. This kit is a treasure trove of over 11 engaging Velcro-based worksheets, each designed to make learning a delightful adventure. Covering a wide array of topics, these activities are carefully curated to provide a holistic learning experience. What will my child learn? Engage with interactive activities that promote vocabulary building, reading comprehension, and language proficiency. Motor Skill Development: Encourage physical dexterity and control through hands-on activities that involve manipulation and coordination. Cognitive Skill Enhancement: Stimulate cognitive functions like memory, attention, and logical reasoning through specially designed exercises. Train Visual Memory: Sharpen visual memory capabilities by engaging in activities that require the recall and recognition of visual patterns. Increase Attention to Detail: Cultivate focus and attention to finer details, supporting a more thorough understanding of concepts. Build on Problem Solving Abilities: Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills through activities that present challenges and require creative solutions. Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination: Foster improved coordination between hand movements and visual perception, essential for various day-to-day tasks. Makes Learning Fun and Easy: Utilize playful and interactive methods to make learning enjoyable, ensuring a positive and engaging educational experience. Improves Concentration: Promote sustained focus and concentration through activities that require sustained attention, a valuable skill for learning and beyond. How to Play? Encourage hands-on learning: Let your child manipulate the Velcro pieces, fostering a tactile learning experience. Foster discussions: Encourage questions and discussions about each topic to reinforce understanding. Use the kit regularly: Allocate dedicated time for learning with the kit to ensure consistent progress. Provide positive reinforcement: Celebrate your child's achievements to boost their confidence and motivation. What I will get? 11 interactive velcro based worksheets covering various topics like Sea Animals, Shape Matching, Matching the Animal, Sorting colors, Alphabets & Number 1-10, Our Body Parts, Fruits and Vegetable sorting, Modes of transport, Family Members, Learn about weather, Creating Pattern, Tracing lines, Sequencing, Hindi Varnamala  
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Dining Etiquettes Sheet- New And Improved MDF Based
Dining Etiquettes Sheet- New And Improved MDF Based Rs. 399.00 Rs. 799.00
Introducing our Dining Etiquettes Learning Kit, a comprehensive tool designed to refine your dining skills and elevate your social grace. This kit comprises two A3 size experiential learning sheets, meticulously divided into formal and informal dining settings. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or simply honing your etiquette, this kit is your guide to dining with confidence and sophistication. What will my child learn? Two Expertly Designed Learning Sheets: The kit boasts two A3 size experiential learning sheets, strategically divided into formal and informal dining settings. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of both scenarios. Formal and Informal Dining Mastery: Hone your dining skills in both formal and informal settings. Our kit covers all aspects of dining etiquettes, allowing you to navigate any dining situation with ease. Visual and Experiential Learning: Engage in hands-on learning through visual aids and interactive experiences. The kit provides a practical approach to mastering dining etiquettes. Boost Confidence in Social Situations: Gain the confidence to participate in formal events, business dinners, and casual gatherings. Our kit equips you with the knowledge and poise needed to make a positive impression.
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Cognitive Skill Workbook
Cognitive Skill Workbook Rs. 499.00 Rs. 999.00
Unlock the full potential of your mind with our Cognitive Skill Enhancement Workbook. Crafted with precision, this workbook is a powerful tool designed to bolster essential cognitive functions. Cognitive skills encompass attention, memory, logic, reasoning, processing speed, and more – they're the powerhouse behind thinking, learning, problem-solving, and memory retention. What will my child learn? Targeted Cognitive Skill Development: This workbook zeroes in on vital cognitive abilities, including attention, short-term memory, long-term memory, logic & reasoning, auditory processing, visual processing, and processing speed.Logical Thinking Challenges: Engage in a series of exercises that stimulate logical thinking, encouraging the brain to tackle problems with precision and ingenuity.Object Identification Mastery: Sharpen the mind's ability to swiftly identify and categorize objects, nurturing keen observational skills and attention to detail.Animal Connection Puzzles: Explore the fascinating world of animals through puzzles that encourage associative thinking and enhance memory recall.Data Handling Proficiency: Hone the skill of organizing and interpreting information, laying the foundation for effective decision-making and problem-solving. What will I get? A workbook covering 24 activities on brain stimulation and development.
Hopscotch Play Mat
Hopscotch Play Mat Rs. 799.00
Introducing our vibrant and versatile Hopscotch Flex Play Mat, designed to ignite the imagination and keep kids active while learning the classic game of hopscotch. Crafted from durable, flexible material, this mat provides a safe and engaging platform for hours of active play. With its lively, colorful design, it's an exciting addition to any playtime routine.Hopscotch is a fun and active game that promotes physical coordination, balance, and counting skills in children. It's an excellent way to keep them entertained while encouraging physical activity. What will my child learn? Durable and Flexible Material: Our Hopscotch Flex Play Mat is crafted from a high-quality, flexible material that can withstand hours of energetic play. It's designed to last, ensuring countless playtime adventures.Classic Game with a Modern Twist: Experience the timeless joy of hopscotch in a contemporary format. This play mat offers a fresh take on the beloved game, blending tradition with modern playfulness.Vibrant, Eye-Catching Colors: The mat features a lively array of colors that not only add to the visual appeal but also stimulate creativity and imagination. It's a delightful canvas for active play.Educational and Active Play: Hopscotch is not only a fun game but also a wonderful way to promote balance, coordination, and counting skills in children. Our play mat encourages both physical activity and cognitive development.Safe Play Surface: The flexible material provides a comfortable and safe surface for hopping and playing, reducing the risk of slips or falls during energetic play sessions. How to play? Select the Location: Choose a suitable location for setting up the Hopscotch Play Mat. It can be indoors on a flat surface, such as a living room floor, or outdoors on a paved area like a driveway or sidewalk. If outdoors, use chalk to draw the hopscotch layout if it's not already on the mat. Unroll or Place the Mat: Lay the Hopscotch Play Mat flat on the chosen surface. Ensure that it's secure and won't move around during play. Understand the Layout: Familiarize yourself and the children with the layout of the hopscotch design on the mat. Typically, it consists of a series of numbered squares or sections, with a "home" or "start" square at one end. Select a Player: Decide who will go first. You can use a simple method like rock-paper-scissors or just take turns. Hop and Toss the Marker: The first player stands at the starting square, often marked with "1." They toss a small object (like a stone or beanbag) into square 1 without stepping on it. Hop Through the Course: The player hops through the course, starting with square 1 and moving to square 2, then 3, and so on. They should hop on one foot for single squares and use two feet for squares side by side. Hopscotch Rules: Follow the traditional hopscotch rules: Avoid stepping on the square with the marker. Skip the square with the marker and land on one foot in the next square. Use two feet to jump over squares with two numbers. Maintain balance and coordination while hopping. Retrieve the Marker: After successfully hopping through the course, the player reaches the end (the last square). They then turn around and hop back, retracing their steps, and pick up the marker while standing on one foot. Pass the Turn: The player who successfully completes their turn without making any mistakes passes the turn to the next player. If a player makes a mistake, like stepping on a line or losing balance, their turn is over, and they must try again in the next round. Continue Play: Continue taking turns and progressing through the numbered squares. The goal is to complete the entire course from 1 to the highest number (e.g., 10 or 12) and return to the starting square without making mistakes. Winning the Game: The player who successfully completes the entire course is the winner. They can create additional challenges by adding more rounds or increasing the complexity of the hopping pattern. Clean Up: After playing, roll up the Hopscotch Play Mat for easy storage or leave it in place for more rounds of play. What will I get? A flex mat.  
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Entrepreneurship Journal
Entrepreneurship Journal Rs. 599.00 Rs. 1,099.00
Embark on a transformative journey towards business mastery with our Business Management Journal. This meticulously crafted journal is a treasure trove of activities designed to illuminate the realms of Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, and SWOT Analysis. With each page, you're guided towards unlocking the potential of your entrepreneurial spirit. What will my child learn? Comprehensive Insight into Business Management:Delve deep into critical facets of business management, including Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, and SWOT Analysis. Gain a holistic understanding of what it takes to lead and succeed in the corporate world.Goal Setting for Success: Inspired by Walt Disney's timeless wisdom, the journal serves as a beacon for dreamers and doers alike. It encourages you to commit your aspirations to paper, turning vague ideas into tangible, achievable goals.Concrete Steps Towards Success: Writing down your goals isn't just a mere exercise—it's a powerful action that propels your ambitions from thought to reality. By articulating your targets, you're laying the groundwork for them to materialize in the physical world. How to play? Reflect and Plan: Begin by reflecting on your dreams, aspirations, and business objectives. Use the guided prompts to articulate your goals and define a path towards achieving them.Dive into Activities: Engage with activities that delve into Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, and SWOT Analysis. These exercises empower you with practical skills and strategic thinking.Track Progress and Insights: As you work through the journal, track your progress, jot down insights, and record your learnings. This reflective practice fuels continuous growth and refinement of your business acumen. What will I get? A book
DIY Color Your Own Holi Tee
DIY Color Your Own Holi Tee Rs. 349.00
Get ready to celebrate the vibrant festival of colors with our Color Your Own Holi Tee Shirt for Kids! Let your little ones unleash their creativity as they design their very own Holi masterpiece. Each tee comes with a fun Holi-themed design outline, ready to be filled with bright and bold colors. Crafted from high-quality cotton, our tee shirts provide a comfortable canvas for your child's artistic expression. Whether they prefer traditional motifs or modern interpretations, this activity fosters imagination and cultural appreciation. Perfect for Holi parties, school events, or a creative afternoon at home, our Color Your Own Holi Tee Shirt is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. Let the joyous spirit of Holi come alive as your child adds their personal touch to this festive attire!" What will you get ? Use the sketch pens provided with the tee to color the tee and have fun.
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Montesorri Motor Skill Cube
Montesorri Motor Skill Cube Rs. 799.00 Rs. 849.00
Introducing our Montessori Motor Skill Cube - an innovative and interactive cushion cube designed to provide young learners with a diverse range of engaging activities! This versatile cube boasts six sides, each dedicated to cultivating specific motor skills through 8+ captivating exercises. Key Features: Multi-Sensory Learning: The Montessori Motor Skill Cube offers a hands-on approach to learning, stimulating a child's senses and encouraging active exploration. Eight Engaging Activities: Each side of the cube is equipped with carefully crafted activities that focus on fine and gross motor skill development, promoting a well-rounded learning experience. Durable and Washable: Crafted from high-quality materials, this cube is not only durable enough to withstand active play, but also easily washable for hassle-free maintenance. Safe and Child-Friendly: Made with child safety in mind, this cushion cube prioritizes both safety and learning, providing a secure environment for skill-building activities. What will my child learn? Fine Motor Skills: Various activities involve precise hand movements, helping to develop dexterity, coordination, and hand-eye synchronization. Gross Motor Skills: Engaging exercises encourage larger movements, aiding in the development of balance, coordination, and muscle strength. Sensory Stimulation: Different textures and materials on the cube's sides provide sensory feedback, enhancing a child's sensory perception. Problem-Solving Skills: Activities on each side challenge children to figure out solutions, fostering critical thinking and logical reasoning. How to play? Encourage the child to touch and feel the different textures on each side of the cube. Explain how textures can feel rough, smooth, bumpy, or soft. Buttoning: If one side has buttons, teach the child to button and unbutton them. Zippers: If there are zippers, demonstrate how to zip and unzip. Lacing: If there are laces or strings, guide the child in threading them through the holes. What will I get? 1 Cushion Cube
ilearnngrow DIY Tye & Dye Teeshirt
ilearnngrow DIY Tye & Dye Teeshirt from Rs. 599.00
"Introducing our DIY Tie & Dye Tee Shirts for Kids, where fashion meets fun and creativity knows no bounds! Unleash the inner artist in your little ones with this exciting craft activity that results in a unique, one-of-a-kind wearable masterpiece.Each kit comes complete with everything your child needs to create their own colorful designs: high-quality cotton tee shirts, vibrant dye colors, and easy-to-follow instructions. With the timeless art of tie-dye, kids can experiment with different folding and twisting techniques to achieve mesmerizing patterns and effects.Whether they opt for bold, psychedelic swirls or subtle, pastel blends, the possibilities are endless! Our tee shirts are made to withstand the dyeing process, ensuring lasting vibrancy wash after wash.Perfect for birthday parties, summer camps, or a rainy day activity at home, our DIY Tie & Dye Tee Shirts inspire creativity and self-expression in children of all ages. Let their imagination run wild as they turn plain tee shirts into wearable works of art!" 💁🏻‍♀️ Make the t-shirt, wear it, flaunt it!💝 Do it with your partner/friend and make it a #datenight activity!👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Get your kids and family to do this and have a fun #familyday🎉 Turn it into a party! Order multiple kits and create a fun #ArtParty with it! BOX CONTAINS  One Cotton tee , 6 colors , one fixer , gloves , rubberbands and an instruction manual
My First Calendar - New & Improved Home Calendar
My First Calendar - New & Improved Home Calendar Rs. 899.00
My First Home Calendar  Learn date day year time weather season holiday feelings and affirmation concept  1. New & Improved Home Calendar 2. 9 in 1 activities home calendar  3. 80+ cutouts  Concepts Included Date and Year Days of the week Months of the year Weather Seasons Feelings Festivals Affirmations Time Benefits  1. Rich Daily knowledge 2. Holistic Development3.Enhanced Self-Awareness4.Fosters a Sense of Time and Season
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ilearnngrow DIY New Year Card ( Set of 3 cards , pencil color and Glitter)
ilearnngrow DIY New Year Card ( Set of 3 cards , pencil color and Glitter) Rs. 99.00 Rs. 149.00
This delightful set includes everything you need to add a personalized touch to your festivities. Each kit comes with a set of three beautifully designed New Year cards, providing the perfect canvas for your creativity to shine. What Will My Child Learn ? Unleash your artistic flair with the included high-quality pencil colors, carefully selected to add vibrancy and warmth to your creations. Whether you prefer bold and bright or subtle and elegant, these pencils are sure to bring your visions to life. To add a touch of sparkle and glamour, we've included a selection of glitter in various dazzling shades. Transform your New Year cards into shimmering masterpieces that reflect the joy and excitement of the season. This DIY New Year Kit is not just a thoughtful gift for your loved ones but also a delightful way to spend quality time expressing your creativity. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just looking for a fun and relaxing activity, our kit is designed to make your New Year celebration truly special. Get ready to usher in the New Year with a burst of creativity and a touch of personalized magic! Package Includes  Three cards , Pencil color and Glitter