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ilearnngrow Comprehensive English Kit


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Introducing the Early Learning English Kit: A Comprehensive Educational Set for Ages 2-5 Unlock the world of learning with our meticulously designed Early Learning English Kit. Tailored for children aged 2-5 years, this kit encompasses 11 interactive sheets and engaging flashcards, providing a holistic educational experience. Crafted with love in India, this game is free from any harmful or hazardous substances, ensuring the safety of your little ones.

How to Use

Encourage hands-on learning: Let your child manipulate the Velcro pieces, fostering a tactile learning experience.
Foster discussions: Encourage questions and discussions about each topic to reinforce understanding.
Use the kit regularly: Allocate dedicated time for learning with the kit to ensure consistent progress.
Provide positive reinforcement: Celebrate your child's achievements to boost their confidence and motivation.

Key Features

Educational Excellence: Our kit has been carefully designed by experts to ensure it aligns with early childhood education principles.

Hands-On Learning: The interactive nature of the kit engages children in a tactile and multisensory learning experience.

Made in India: We take pride in supporting local craftsmanship and ensuring the quality of our products.

Safety First: Your child's safety is our priority. Rest assured that our kit is free from any harmful substances.

Easy Teaching: The kit provides parents and educators with the tools they need to teach essential concepts effectively.

Box Contains

The Little Learner English Kit covers a spectrum of subjects, including: Calendar Marking Months of the Year Days of the Week Sorting Colors Fruits and Vegetables Seasons of the Year Modes of Transport Our Body Parts Animal Shadow Matching Continents and Oceans Animal Habitats National Symbols of India Hot and Cold Temperature Concepts Alphabet and Number Tracing Flash Cards for Shape Matching

ilearnngrow Comprehensive English Kit

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How to play these games ?

All our toys and games comes with a detailed instructions mentioned on the box of how to play the game.

What can I do if any piece breaks, gets misplaced, or is missing?

In case you receive your packet with a missing item or you lose a part you can always reach out to us on our customer care number and we will be happy to replace the same.

What is the material used in products?

All of products are either made of paper or soft wood, we do not use plastic or any other material which is harmful for the child or the environment.

Are these toys made of safe quality ?

Yes, ilearnngrow toys and games are BIS certified and are absolutely of the best quality material.



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