Food Kit
Food Kit Rs. 1,999.00
ilearnngrow's food kit covers concepts like dining etiquette , guidance about kitchen appliance , international cuisines , Healthy eating pyramid , Cooking verbs , cooking methods , guessing the different kind of foods using riddle concept and a board game based on food imparting knowledge about various aspects of food. AGE : 4-8 Years  HOW TO USE ? This Kit is a combination of sheets and board games and a child can treat each sheet as an activity and play with them one by one BENEFITS: 1.The game playfully educates children about different foods, cuisines and table manners around the world. 2. Imparting knowledge about kitchen appliances. 3. Guessing the food helps in development of problem solving skills 4. Works on language skills of the child by introducing them to cooking verbs. PACKAGING CONTAINS: 1. Informal and formal dining etiquette sheet. 2. Healthy eating Pyramid sheet 3. Riddle based guess the food sheet 4. Matching the activity with verbs sheet 5. Velcro based sheet on Cooking Methods 6. Glorious Food Game with a dice. 7. Magnetic Board on International Cuisine
Magnetic Reward Chart
Magnetic Reward Chart Rs. 1,599.00
 Magnetic Reward Chart Age: 3 years to 12 Years  Finding it a struggle to get your child to read or workout or meditate!! Our reward chart helps kids motivate in the right direction. Making sure that kids participate in the household activities, are encouraged to be physically active.Benefits: 1. Helps your child to develop a disciplined and structured life which would allow the child in the long run.2. Helps to develop vocabulary and curriculum activity skills.3. Fun and enjoyable way to make your child complete some basic daily chores.How to Use ? Our Chore Chart comes with 30 activities out of which 25 of them are predefined and the other 5 are left blank to let parents make their own activities and give child the task to be done.  20 achievement badges like You Rock , Bravo , Good Job etc are given to kids once they finish that activity.  Packing Includes: 1. One Magnetic Board  2. 30 Activities  3. 20 Achievement Badges   
Yoga Play Mat
Yoga Play Mat Rs. 1,499.00
Yoga Play Mat  This play mat is a transformed version of the snake & ladders with yoga poses mentioned on the mat along with benefits. Age: 4 to Adults How to play? 1. Players have to roll the dice. 2. After that, you have to jump on that number on the mat and accordingly you need to do the poses . 3. Read aloud benefit of that yoga pose. Benefits: This game will help your child to manage their anxiety. It will help to control emotional regulation. Yoga mat game helps to boost children’s self-esteem. By playing this game, you can do yoga, which will help the players to increase body awareness and mindfulness. Players will get help to improve concentration and memory by playing this game. The asanas will help to develop children’s strength and flexibility. Packing Includes: This game comes in a jute bag with a yoga mat, a cushion dice 
Hindi Learning Kit Learning Kits ilearnngrow
Hindi Learning Kit Rs. 1,699.00
This Hindi Kit covers various topics like Swar and Vyanjan ,Knowing weekdays and Months of Year ,Different Seasons , National Symbols of India ,Relationships,Understanding Human body parts,Flashcards of Colors, Shapes and Numbers. This well researched hindi kit contains the phonic sounds for better understanding for little genius. AGE: 2-6 Years  HOW TO USE ? The Kit contains interactive velcro based sheet on each and every topic , the kid has to solve the sheet and move to the next sheet. BENEFITS: 1.Better understanding and command over Hindi Language.2.Motor Skill development3.Cognitive Skill Enhancement 4.Train Visual Memory.5.Increase attention to detail .6.Build on problem solving abilities.7.Enhance Hand Eye Coordination.8.Makes Learning Fun and Easy .                                                                                      9.Improves concentration. PACKAGING CONTAINS: 20 sheets on concepts like Swar and Vyanjan ,Knowing weekdays and Months of Year ,Different Seasons , National Symbols of India ,Relationships,Understanding Human body parts,Flashcards of Colors, Shapes and Numbers