Pencil Gripping Workbook
Pencil Gripping Workbook ₹399
Introducing our Pencil Gripping Workbook - a carefully designed tool to support and refine a child's pencil grip and writing skills. This workbook offers a series of engaging activities that focus on enhancing fine motor control, precision, and overall writing proficiency. Key Features: Specialized Exercises: The workbook is filled with a variety of exercises specifically tailored to improve pencil grip and control. These activities are crafted to progressively challenge and strengthen a child's hand muscles. Clear Guidance: Each page provides clear instructions and visual cues to help the child understand and execute the gripping techniques effectively. Gradual Progression: The workbook is structured to guide the child from basic exercises to more complex ones, ensuring a steady and confident development of their pencil grip. Durable Quality: Made with high-quality materials, the workbook is built to withstand repeated use and the pressures of learning to grip and write. What will my child learn? Improved Pencil Grip: The workbook focuses on teaching children how to hold a pencil or writing instrument correctly, which is essential for neat and legible handwriting. Enhanced Fine Motor Skills: Engaging in gripping exercises helps develop the small muscles in the hand, leading to better control over writing and drawing. Preparation for Writing: The workbook lays a strong foundation for future writing tasks by instilling proper grip techniques early on. Boosted Confidence: As children master each exercise, they gain confidence in their ability to hold and control a pencil, setting them up for success in their writing endeavors. How to play? Begin by introducing the workbook to the child. Explain that it's a special book designed to help them improve their pencil grip and writing. Provide the child with a sharpened pencil and eraser. Make sure the pencil is of an appropriate size for their hand. Guide the child through the various exercises in the workbook. These may include tracing lines, shapes, or letters, as well as activities that focus on grip strength. Encourage the child to use the workbook regularly, but ensure they don't overexert their hand muscles. Consistent practice will lead to gradual improvement. What will I get? Book has 25+ writing pages and a Free Stationery Kit    
Money Book
Money Book ₹599
Introducing our Money Book, a dynamic tool designed to spark interest in mathematics while instilling essential financial habits in your child. This engaging resource not only cultivates the habit of saving but also strengthens your child's mathematical proficiency. From recognizing coins and notes to budgeting and even exploring the historical relevance depicted on Indian currency, this book offers a comprehensive learning experience. What will my child learn? Mathematical Proficiency: By engaging with activities centered around money, children develop essential math skills such as addition and subtraction, all while gaining a practical understanding of currency.Financial Literacy: The book lays the foundation for financial literacy, teaching children the importance of saving, budgeting, and making informed financial decisions.Cultural Awareness: Through exploring the imagery on Indian currency, children gain insight into the historical and cultural significance associated with each coin and note. How to play? Begin with an Introduction: Explain to the child what the Money Book is and its purpose. Emphasize that it's a tool to learn about money, saving, and basic financial concepts. Explore the Contents: Go through the book together. Point out different sections, activities, and topics it covers. Highlight any special features like board games, certificates, or interactive elements. Start with Coin Recognition: Begin by teaching the child about various coins in circulation. Show them real coins and help them identify each one by name, value, and appearance. Simple Addition and Subtraction: Use the activities in the book to practice basic arithmetic using money. For example, ask the child to add or subtract different denominations to calculate totals. Consistent Use: Encourage the child to use the Money Book regularly. Practice the activities, play the board games, and revisit concepts to reinforce their understanding. What will I get? One Book, Two Paper Board Games and One Certificate.
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Entrepreneurship Journal
Entrepreneurship Journal ₹599 ₹1,099
Embark on a transformative journey towards business mastery with our Business Management Journal. This meticulously crafted journal is a treasure trove of activities designed to illuminate the realms of Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, and SWOT Analysis. With each page, you're guided towards unlocking the potential of your entrepreneurial spirit. What will my child learn? Comprehensive Insight into Business Management:Delve deep into critical facets of business management, including Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, and SWOT Analysis. Gain a holistic understanding of what it takes to lead and succeed in the corporate world.Goal Setting for Success: Inspired by Walt Disney's timeless wisdom, the journal serves as a beacon for dreamers and doers alike. It encourages you to commit your aspirations to paper, turning vague ideas into tangible, achievable goals.Concrete Steps Towards Success: Writing down your goals isn't just a mere exercise—it's a powerful action that propels your ambitions from thought to reality. By articulating your targets, you're laying the groundwork for them to materialize in the physical world. How to play? Reflect and Plan: Begin by reflecting on your dreams, aspirations, and business objectives. Use the guided prompts to articulate your goals and define a path towards achieving them.Dive into Activities: Engage with activities that delve into Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, and SWOT Analysis. These exercises empower you with practical skills and strategic thinking.Track Progress and Insights: As you work through the journal, track your progress, jot down insights, and record your learnings. This reflective practice fuels continuous growth and refinement of your business acumen. What will I get? A book