Dress The Professional
Dress The Professional Rs. 1,099.00
An extremely cool way of knowing the professionals and how they dress up !!Easy identification of different professions !10 different profession (Air Hostess , Astronaut , Bowler , Chef , Lawyer , Mechanic , Nurse , Police ,Singer & Teacher) AGE : 3 - 12 Years  HOW TO PLAY ? Once you open the box , you will find cut outs for different professionals in parts like head , body and the lower body. A plate with a male and female body structure is given. A child has to assemble the head , body and the lower body of same profession into the plate. BENEFITS: 1. Learn Sorting 2. Develops Cognitive Skills 3. Recognition of Different professions4. Recognition of what different professional wear   BOX CONTAINS :  1. A wooden Box                                                                                                                2.30 cut outs3. wooden plank with male and female !!
Dining Etiquettes Sheet
Dining Etiquettes Sheet Rs. 599.00
Dining Etiquettes consists of two A3 size experiential learning sheets split into formal dining and informal dining sheets. AGE: 4-8 Years  HOW TO USE ? The child needs to lay the mat and mirror all the cutlery shown on the mat.The same applies for both formal and informal set up. BENEFITS : 1) Child learns table manners 2) Differentiate between formal and informal set up of dining etiquettes3) Understands placing of different cutlery in a formal and informal set up PACKAGING CONTAINS: The package contains formal and Informal sheets along with cutouts . The entire package comes in a corrugated box packaging .  
Rock Paper Scissor
Rock Paper Scissor Rs. 550.00
An interesting twist to the classic rock paper scissors. Competitive fun board game making playtime more fun for kids Age: 5-10 years  How to Play? Roll number die to see who goes first. Then roll number die and move accordingly (or lose a turn...sorry!). If a player lands on a square with “Rock, Paper, Scissors!”, that player and the opponent on their left will each roll a Rock, Paper, Scissors die. The winner of the roll gets to move two spaces forward. (see winners chart below) If a player lands on a picture of a rock, a piece of paper, or scissors that player must roll a Rock, Paper, Scissors die. If the player beats the picture shown, they get to move forward one space. If they lose, they must move backwards one space. If they get the same picture, they do not move at all. The winner is the first player to reach the finish. Benefits: 1. It is a very interactive game which will improve the language skills of your child.2. This game will teach your child to follow the rules and play the game in a fair spirit.3. This also teaches us to control anger and emotions.4. The board game is very beneficial to develop fine motor and hand-eye coordination of your child.Packaging Includes: 1.One Wooden Board  1.One Customised Dice  
Beach Day Board Game
Beach Day Board Game Rs. 550.00
Beach Day Board Game Beach day is fun and interactive wooden board game designed for young kids to enjoy their play time AGE: 3-6 years HOW TO PLAY ? Roll the dice and follow the instructions , the player who reaches the castle first wins the game !! BENEFITS  1.Young learners practice simple counting.2. Learn to follow the directions.3. Team Spirit & Development of social Skills 4. A great way to keep Kids away from Screen Time. BOX CONTAINS  1. A wooden Board 2. One customised dice
Saving The Planet Board Game
Saving The Planet Board Game Rs. 600.00
It is a fun game that teaches little children good habits that would keep the environment green and the earth clean. With simple tasks and duties, the children can understand that they can also protect the planet. Age : 4-8 Years  How to Use ? This game requires the assistance of the child’s parents.The parent has to ask questions at regular intervals to understand the good habits that would protect the environment.For each turn a player picks a card, reads it aloud and follows the instructions on it. Players take turns picking cards until one player reaches the finish. If the cards are all read before any player wins, shuffle them and start picking cards again. Benefits:1. This makes the little ones aware of the environment and the importance of keeping it clean and green in a very interactive way.2. Helps kids control emotions and anger.Package Includes:   1. One Playing Board 2. One Dice 3. 24 wooden Flash Cards  
The Brain Game
The Brain Game Rs. 550.00
This interactive wooden board game develops the memory skills for kids and sharpen their cognitive skills making playtime not only fun but adding value to learning AGE: 4-8 Years HOW TO PLAY ? To begin with memorise the board and cover the tiles with tokens provided with the game. Each player takes turn to uncover the two coins. If both the pictures match the player keeps the coin . The player in the end with maximum tokens wins the game. BENEFITS: 1. This game will help to increase the memory and observation skills.2. Develops Hand and eye coordination skills. BOX CONTAINS: 1. A wooden Board 2. 60 tokens to hide the objects on board
Odd Even Sea Adventure
Odd Even Sea Adventure Rs. 550.00
Odd-Even Sea Adventure Age: 5-8 years. Let's go on a deep sea number adventure! Help your child determine whether numbers are odd or even with this bright, engaging game board. Your child will practice his counting skills and number sense with this fun, ocean-themed math game. How To Play? 1. This game starts with the youngest kids, where first kids have to guess a number even or odd and roll the dice on the wooden board.2. If they get the same number as they guessed, they can move ahead with the dice’s number, and if they are wrong, they lose their chance.3. This way, they play the game, and the kid who reaches the treasure first wins the game.Benefits: 1. This game improves kids’ focus and understanding before guessing any odd-even number.2. It is excellent to develop coordination between hands and eyes while playing and moving pieces on board.3. Kids can learn through pictures of sea animals and improve their maths with counting and odd numbers.4. It is an excellent way for kids to play together and strengthen their connection.Packing Includes:1. A wooden board  2. A dice 
Enchanted horse
Enchanted horse Rs. 550.00
Love for enchanted horses knows no bounds. Creative and innovative way to keep kids engaged in play with our enchanted horses doing their magic. AGE : 3-6 Years  HOW TO PLAY ? 1. At first, the players have to roll the dice to move.2. Then, if you rolled land on the space called “Ride the Rainbow!”, follow the rainbow towards the attached cloud.3. The player who will reach first to the magical waterfall will be the winner. BENEFITS : 1. Develops motor skills for kids 2. Control emotions3. Makes them a team player BOX CONTAINS: 1. One wooden board 2. One Dice
Lets Conquer The Sand Castle
Lets Conquer The Sand Castle Rs. 600.00
Let's conquer the sea castle is fun and interactive wooden board game designed for young kids to enjoy their play time. AGE : 4-8 Years  HOW TO PLAY ? Roll the dice and follow the instructions , the player who reaches the castle first wins the game !! BENEFITS: 1.Young learners practice simple counting.2. Learn to follow the directions.3. Team Spirit & Development of social Skills 4. A great way to keep Kids away from Screen Time. BOX CONTAINS : 1. A wooden Board 2. One customised dice                                                                                                        3. 16 wooden shells
Princess BlackBoard
Princess BlackBoard Rs. 799.00
Princess BlackBoard  Princess shaped blackboard making learning fun and joy for kids  15 inch by 18 inch Comes with Colored Chalks and a Duster  
Star Puzzle - Size and Shape Sorter
Star Puzzle - Size and Shape Sorter Rs. 499.00
This fun puzzles helps in shape recognition, colour recognition with a wonderful theme. The pieces are sized in a way to leave ample of free place between the pieces so that the little hands can comfortably place them. Features: Non - toxic, sustainable & Eco- friendly ; Extremely durable , The pieces are thick for a good grip; Shape sorting helps Spatial skills and Hand- eye - co-ordination BENEFITS:- Endless possibilities makes this wooden star puzzle a great toy for training children's abilities of imagination, problem-solving, creative-thinking and eye-hand coordination. BOX CONTAIN:-  1.Different size wooden star
Monster Stacking
Monster Stacking Rs. 899.00
Classic indoor stacking play in fun monster shapes and details! BENEFITS:-  Skill-building play: open-ended toy helps kids develop cognitive and fine motor skills, explore problem-solving, and express creativity BOX CONTAIN:- 28 pieces wooden monsters
Magnetic Life cycle - Covering 7 Life Cycles
Magnetic Life cycle - Covering 7 Life Cycles Rs. 1,299.00
This Magnetic Life Cycles Set consist of the following 7 Life Cycles: Butter Fly , Pumpkin , Strawberry, Human , Fish , Sunflower and Owl. Each of the life cycles sets is perfect for demonstrations on a large magnetic whiteboard. The Butterfly Life Cycle Set: Children can learn all about how a caterpillar turns into a magnificent butterfly BENEFITS:- Learning about life cycles is an important way to develop children's understanding of the world and help them understand and deal with weighty concepts such as life, death and birth. BOX CONTAIN:- 1 wooden magnetic board + 40+ magnetic cut outs
Iceberg DIY - Size and Shape Sorter
Iceberg DIY - Size and Shape Sorter Rs. 699.00
Unpainted wooden stacking iceberg is an interesting and fun toy for your child. With this toy a child can easily learn colors by playing. Iceberg can be used as part of building the pyramid to create by your own  BENEFITS:-  Made from eco friendly material (pine wood). The product is fully processed to avoid rough spots, sharp edges. This toy is completely natural. Each element of the iceberg covered with non-toxic acrylic paints with no smell. BOX CONTAIN:-  Different size wooden iceberg +1 Paint brush + 3 colors
ilearnngrow Winter Puzzle
ilearnngrow Winter Puzzle Rs. 799.00
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Set of 4 jigsaw puzzles is based on a winter/Living Non-Living theme. The puzzles are of Snowman, Snow Fall, Horse riding, and Cow Farm view. Each puzzle piece has a winter theme picture printed on A4 paper. The child has to fix the pieces together in the correct manner to form the complete picture.   A BOX CONTAINS 4 sets of 4 by 4 puzzles