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Home Calendar - English
Home Calendar - English Rs. 596.00 Rs. 749.00
Nurturing a child's understanding of the world around them is a fundamental aspect of their growth. Our Day Date Month and Moods Board offers a delightful way to acknowledge and grasp these essential elements of life. By interacting with this board, children can actively participate in recognizing and adjusting to daily changes, fostering a sense of awareness and enriching their overall development. What will my child learn? Holistic Development: Actively engaging with the Day Date Month and Moods Board supports cognitive, emotional, and social development. It encourages a well-rounded understanding of the world.Enhanced Self-Awareness: By recognizing and selecting their mood, children become more attuned to their own emotions, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves.Fosters a Sense of Time and Season: Updating the board daily helps children comprehend the passage of time and understand the cyclical nature of seasons, connecting them more deeply with the world around them. How to play? Daily Adjustments: Encourage the child to update the board with the current day, date, month, season, and weather. This hands-on activity helps them grasp the passage of time and the changing seasons. Exploring Emotions: Prompt the child to select the mood that best represents how they feel. This encourages emotional intelligence and self-awareness, vital skills for healthy social interactions. What will I get? One English Calendar and a Lace to hang the calendar
My First Calendar - New & Improved Home Calendar
My First Calendar - New & Improved Home Calendar Rs. 899.00
My First Home Calendar  Learn date day year time weather season holiday feelings and affirmation concept  1. New & Improved Home Calendar 2. 9 in 1 activities home calendar  3. 80+ cutouts  Concepts Included Date and Year Days of the week Months of the year Weather Seasons Feelings Festivals Affirmations Time Benefits  1. Rich Daily knowledge 2. Holistic Development3.Enhanced Self-Awareness4.Fosters a Sense of Time and Season