Hop Scotch Play Mat
Hop Scotch Play Mat Rs. 799.00
Hopscotch is a backyard game enjoyed by children the world over. Hopscotch with bright colors and attractive design is an ideal companion for play outdoors or indoors. Can be played as an individual game but is best enjoyed in a group. AGE: 4-12 Years HOW TO USE? 1.Throw a small stone, twig, beanbag, or other marker into the first square. (If it lands on a line, or outside the square, you lose your turn. Pass the marker to the following player and wait for your next turn.)2. Hop on one foot into the first empty square, and then every subsequent empty square. Be sure to skip the one your marker is on.3. At the pairs (4-5 and 7-8), jump with both feet.4. At 10, hop with both feet, turn around, and head back toward the start.5. When you reach the marked square again, pick up the marker—still on one foot!—and complete the course.6. If you finished without any mistakes, pass the marker to the next player. On your next turn, throw the marker to the next number.7. If you fall, jump outside the lines, or miss a square or the marker, you lose your turn and must repeat the same number on your next turn. Whoever reaches 10 first, wins. BENEFITS: This game helps children to master body control. Hopscotch also helps children to manage body rhythm, which is the core of numerous other skills. Movements involved build body strength, balance, eye/hand coordination and more PACKAGING CONTAINS: 1. One Flex Material Hop Scotch Mat  
Magnetic Reward Chart
Magnetic Reward Chart Rs. 1,499.00
 Magnetic Reward Chart Age: 3 years to 12 Years  Finding it a struggle to get your child to read or workout or meditate!! Our reward chart helps kids motivate in the right direction. Making sure that kids participate in the household activities, are encouraged to be physically active.Benefits: 1. Helps your child to develop a disciplined and structured life which would allow the child in the long run.2. Helps to develop vocabulary and curriculum activity skills.3. Fun and enjoyable way to make your child complete some basic daily chores.How to Use ? Our Chore Chart comes with 30 activities out of which 25 of them are predefined and the other 5 are left blank to let parents make their own activities and give child the task to be done.  20 achievement badges like You Rock , Bravo , Good Job etc are given to kids once they finish that activity.  Packing Includes: 1. One Magnetic Board  2. 30 Activities  3. 20 Achievement Badges     
ilearnngrow  Leaning Tower - Enhancing Motor Skills
ilearnngrow Leaning Tower - Enhancing Motor Skills Rs. 1,599.00
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Leaning TowerAge: 3+ YearsIt constructs a wood tower by putting shaded sections turn-based game.Players will alternate rolling the dice, at that point cautiously eliminating pull out related shading block.The beautiful squares have a smooth surface creation it simple to eliminate.The player who thumps down the tower will lose the game.   BENEFIT Benefits: 1. Our colorful structure block games with splendid, lively shadings are heaps of good times for little youngsters. It’s a straightforward and straightforward game, creates hand and eye coordination. 2. It Strengthens fine engine abilities, visual-spatial aptitudes; Inspires innovativeness, advancing shading acknowledgement, and fine engine aptitudes, to inspire kids’ creative mind. 3. It improves the Problem-Solving Skills approach in kids. 4. It improves strategic thinking in kids.   A BOX CONTAINS 4 wooden rings , 16 cylinders.  
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