Baby's fruits and vegetable Flash Cards

Rs. 549.00 Rs. 649.00 -16% OFF

Baby's fruits and vegetable Flash Cards

Rs. 549.00 Rs. 649.00 -16% OFF
Product description

Introduce your little one to the delightful world of fruits with our Velcro-Based Fruits Flash Cards and coloring based vegetable flash card. This innovative learning tool combines interactive play with education, providing a hands-on experience for children to explore and identify different fruits. Each flash card features a fruit outline, inviting children to match it with the corresponding velcro cutout, enhancing fine motor skills and cognitive development.

Key Features:

Interactive Learning: These flash cards offer an engaging way for children to learn about fruits by actively participating in the matching process.

Fine Motor Skill Development: The velcro-based activity promotes precise hand-eye coordination and the manipulation of small objects, aiding in the development of fine motor skills.

Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, these flash cards are designed to withstand repeated use, ensuring long-lasting educational value.

Educational Play: Encourage cognitive development, language skills, and fruit recognition as children engage with these thoughtfully designed flash cards.

What will my child learn?

Fruit Recognition: Helps children become familiar with various fruits - vegetables and their appearances, fostering a basic understanding of different types of produce.

Fine Motor Skills: The velcro-based activity encourages precise hand-eye coordination and strengthens fine motor skills.

Cognitive Development: Promotes critical thinking and problem-solving abilities as children match fruits to their corresponding outlines.

Early Education Foundation: Provides a strong start for children in understanding the diversity of fruits and their characteristics.

What will I get?

Set of Fuits and Vegetables Flash Card