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Dress The Professional
Dress The Professional Rs. 699.00 Rs. 1,099.00
Discover an engaging and educational way to learn about different professions with our "Dress the Professional" kit! This unique set provides hands-on experience in identifying and assembling various professions, all while honing cognitive skills and promoting recognition of different career paths. What will my child learn? 10 Diverse Professions: From Air Hostess to Teacher, "Dress the Professional" introduces children to a wide array of occupations, offering insight into what professionals from different fields wear.Interactive Assembly: The kit includes cutouts for the head, body, and lower body of each profession. Children assemble them onto the provided wooden plate, allowing for a tactile and interactive learning experience.Male and Female Figures: The wooden plank features both male and female body structures, ensuring inclusivity and representation in exploring various professions. Learn Sorting: "Dress the Professional" encourages sorting and matching skills, as children identify and correctly assemble the parts of each profession.Develops Cognitive Skills: Through hands-on engagement, children enhance cognitive abilities like problem-solving, spatial recognition, and fine motor skills.Recognition of Different Professions: This kit fosters an understanding and recognition of various professions, helping children gain insight into the diverse careers that exist.Understanding Professional Attire: By assembling the figures, children become familiar with what professionals in different fields typically wear, promoting awareness of workplace attire. How to play? Open the Box: Upon opening the box, you'll find cutouts for different professions, each divided into parts for the head, body, and lower body.Assemble the Figures: Using the wooden plate, children match the corresponding parts of a profession (head, body, and lower body) to create a complete representation of that profession. What will I get? A Sturdy Wooden Box 30 Profession Cutouts Wooden Plank with Male and Female Body Figures
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Comprehensive English Kit
Comprehensive English Kit Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,299.00
Introducing the Early Learning English Kit: A Comprehensive Educational Set for Ages 2-5 Unlock the world of learning with our meticulously designed Early Learning English Kit. Tailored for children aged 2-5 years, this kit encompasses 11 interactive sheets and engaging flashcards, providing a holistic educational experience. Crafted with love in India, this game is free from any harmful or hazardous substances, ensuring the safety of your little ones. What will my child learn? Educational Excellence: Our kit has been carefully designed by experts to ensure it aligns with early childhood education principles. Hands-On Learning: The interactive nature of the kit engages children in a tactile and multisensory learning experience. Made in India: We take pride in supporting local craftsmanship and ensuring the quality of our products. Safety First: Your child's safety is our priority. Rest assured that our kit is free from any harmful substances. Easy Teaching: The kit provides parents and educators with the tools they need to teach essential concepts effectively. How to Play? Using the Comprehensive English Kit is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to maximize its effectiveness: Calendar Marking: Spread out the Calendar Marking sheet and provide your child with markers or stickers. Guide them in marking important dates, such as birthdays or special events. Discuss the days, weeks, and months to reinforce the concept of time. Month of the Year: Lay out the Month of the Year sheet along with the corresponding Velcro pieces. Encourage your child to place each month in its correct spot on the sheet. Discuss the characteristics and significance of each month. Days of the Week: Provide the Days of the Week sheet and Velcro days of the week. Assist your child in arranging the days in the correct order. Practice saying the days aloud for reinforcement. Sorting Colors: Introduce the Sorting Colors sheet and Velcro color swatches. Instruct your child to sort and attach each color to its designated area on the sheet. Discuss objects and items associated with each color. Fruits and Vegetables: Lay out the Fruits and Vegetables sheet and the corresponding Velcro images. Encourage your child to sort and attach each fruit and vegetable to the correct category on the sheet. Discuss the nutritional benefits and flavors of each item. Seasons of the Year: Present the Seasons of the Year sheet along with the Velcro images. Guide your child in placing each image in the corresponding season on the sheet. Discuss the characteristics and activities associated with each season. Modes of Transport: Spread out the Modes of Transport sheet and provide the Velcro transport images. Guide your child in placing each mode of transport in its appropriate space on the sheet. Discuss the different purposes and characteristics of each mode. Our Body Parts: Provide the Our Body Parts sheet and the Velcro body part labels. Assist your child in placing each label in the correct position on the sheet. Discuss the functions and importance of each body part for a comprehensive understanding. Animal Shadow Matching: Lay out the Animal Shadow Matching sheet and the corresponding Velcro animal images. Encourage your child to match each animal with its shadow on the sheet. Discuss the features and habitats of the animals for an interactive learning experience. Continents and Oceans: Introduce the Continents and Oceans sheet along with the Velcro pieces. Guide your child in placing each continent and ocean in its correct spot on the sheet. Discuss the characteristics and locations of each continent and ocean. Animal Habitats: Provide the Animal Habitats sheet and the Velcro animal images. Guide your child in placing each animal in its corresponding habitat on the sheet. Discuss the environments and characteristics of each habitat. National Symbol of India: Lay out the National Symbol of India sheet and the Velcro symbols. Encourage your child to match each symbol with its designated spot on the sheet. Discuss the significance and meaning of each symbol. Hot and Cold Temperature Concept: Spread out the Hot and Cold Temperature Concept sheet along with the Velcro images. Guide your child in placing each image in the correct category (hot or cold) on the sheet. Discuss the characteristics and examples of hot and cold temperatures. Trace the Alphabets and Numbers: Provide a writing utensil and the Trace the Alphabets and Numbers sheet. Guide your child in tracing along the lines to develop fine motor skills and letter/number recognition. Flash Cards for Shape Matching: Introduce the Flash Cards for Shape Matching and provide the Velcro shape pieces. Encourage your child to match each shape to its corresponding card. Discuss the names and characteristics of each shape. Remember to maintain a positive and encouraging learning environment. Praise your child's efforts and provide guidance as needed. This Comprehensive English Kit is designed to make learning enjoyable and interactive, providing a strong foundation for early education. What will I get? The Little Learner English Kit covers a spectrum of subjects, including: Calendar Marking Months of the Year Days of the Week Sorting Colors Fruits and Vegetables Seasons of the Year Modes of Transport Our Body Parts Animal Shadow Matching Continents and Oceans Animal Habitats National Symbols of India Hot and Cold Temperature Concepts Alphabet and Number Tracing Flash Cards for Shape Matching
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Entrepreneurship Journal
Entrepreneurship Journal Rs. 599.00 Rs. 1,099.00
Embark on a transformative journey towards business mastery with our Business Management Journal. This meticulously crafted journal is a treasure trove of activities designed to illuminate the realms of Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, and SWOT Analysis. With each page, you're guided towards unlocking the potential of your entrepreneurial spirit. What will my child learn? Comprehensive Insight into Business Management:Delve deep into critical facets of business management, including Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, and SWOT Analysis. Gain a holistic understanding of what it takes to lead and succeed in the corporate world.Goal Setting for Success: Inspired by Walt Disney's timeless wisdom, the journal serves as a beacon for dreamers and doers alike. It encourages you to commit your aspirations to paper, turning vague ideas into tangible, achievable goals.Concrete Steps Towards Success: Writing down your goals isn't just a mere exercise—it's a powerful action that propels your ambitions from thought to reality. By articulating your targets, you're laying the groundwork for them to materialize in the physical world. How to play? Reflect and Plan: Begin by reflecting on your dreams, aspirations, and business objectives. Use the guided prompts to articulate your goals and define a path towards achieving them.Dive into Activities: Engage with activities that delve into Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, and SWOT Analysis. These exercises empower you with practical skills and strategic thinking.Track Progress and Insights: As you work through the journal, track your progress, jot down insights, and record your learnings. This reflective practice fuels continuous growth and refinement of your business acumen. What will I get? A book
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Magnetic Reward Chart Super Man
Magnetic Reward Chart Super Man Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,499.00
Introducing our Magnetic Reward Chart, a dynamic tool designed to instill a sense of responsibility and accomplishment in children. With 30 activities, including 25 predefined tasks and 5 customizable slots for parents to personalize, this chart encourages a proactive approach to daily chores and activities. What will my child learn? Promotes Responsibility and Accountability: Instill important life skills and values in your child as they take ownership of their tasks and activities.Encourages Positive Reinforcement: Recognizing and celebrating achievements boosts a child's confidence and self-esteem, fostering a positive attitude towards responsibilities.Customizable to Your Child's Needs: Tailor the chart to your child's unique routine, allowing them to take charge of their daily activities and establish a sense of structure.Interactive Learning Experience: The hands-on nature of the chart engages children in the learning process, making it an enjoyable tool for both parents and kids.Durable and Long-Lasting: Built to withstand daily use, this Magnetic Reward Chart is designed to be a reliable companion on your child's journey towards personal growth and responsibility. Using a Magnetic Reward Chart is a positive and interactive way to encourage desired behaviors and foster a sense of accomplishment in children. With consistent use and positive reinforcement, it can be a powerful tool for promoting responsibility and positive behavior. How to play? Choose a Visible Location: Select a prominent and easily accessible spot in your home, like the refrigerator or a magnetic board, where the Magnetic Reward Chart can be displayed.Set Clear Expectations: Before introducing the chart, discuss with your child the specific tasks or behaviors you want to focus on. Be clear about what is expected and why it is important. Explain the Reward System: Let your child know that they will receive achievement badges for completing tasks or demonstrating positive behavior. Explain what each badge represents (e.g., "You Rock," "Bravo," etc.).Place the Magnetic Reward Chart: Attach the Magnetic Reward Chart to the chosen metallic surface. Ensure it is securely in place and at an appropriate height for your child to reach.Select Initial Activities: Choose a set of predefined activities from the chart that are relevant to your child's routine and age. These tasks should be achievable and age-appropriate.Discuss Rewards and Goals: Talk about the rewards associated with completing activities. For example, after earning a certain number of badges, your child might receive a special treat, extra playtime, or a small gift.Introduce Customizable Activities : the chart includes blank slots for customizable activities, brainstorm with your child and write down tasks that they can complete. These tasks can be specific to their interests and daily routine.Daily Tracking: Encourage your child to move the magnetic badges from the "To Do" section to the "Done" section as they complete each task. This visual representation of progress is a powerful motivator.Celebrate Achievements: When your child earns an achievement badge, celebrate their success! Offer praise, encouragement, and acknowledge their hard work. This positive reinforcement reinforces their positive behavior.Review and Reflect: Regularly discuss the progress with your child. Reflect on their accomplishments and talk about any challenges they may have faced. Adjust tasks and rewards as needed.Maintain Consistency: Consistency is key to the success of a reward system. Ensure that you consistently follow through with rewards and recognition for completed tasks.Rotate and Update Tasks: As your child becomes more accustomed to the routine, consider introducing new tasks or adjusting the difficulty level of existing ones to keep the chart engaging. What will I get? 1. One Magnetic Board2. 30 Activities3. 20 Achievement Badges