Comprehensive English Kit
Comprehensive English Kit Rs. 1,299.00
English Learning Kit  The Kit consists of a 11 interactive sheets and flashcards for the little learner age 2-5yrs .The game is completely made in India and does not contain any harmful or hazardous substance.English Kit consists of a whole package through which you can teach your little ones about Preschool to Early learning topics in English.  Calendar Marking Month of the Year Days of the week Sorting Colors Fruits and Vegetables Seasons of the year Modes of Transport Our Body Parts Animal Shadow Matching Continents and Ocean Animal Habitats National Symbol of India Hot and Cold Temperature Concept Trace the Alphabets Trace the Numbers Flash Cards shape matching Why It is Required ? The learning process about different kinds of topics from basic English to General Knowledge will become easier when you buy this set. The game contains a number of activity-based sheets like calendar marking , colours, fruits and vegetable etc. So, gift your child the best gift which keeps him busy and ensure learning too. The child can use the sheets again and again as the sheets are rewritable, non tearable and laminated.  How To Use ? The kit comes with activity sheets and all these sheets have to be solved by the child and move forward .  Benefits: Improves concentration. Train Visual Memory. Increase attention to detail . Build on problem solving abilities. Enhance Hand Eye Coordination. Makes Learning Fun and Easy . Age: 2.5 Years - 6 Years   
Dress The Professional
Dress The Professional Rs. 1,099.00
An extremely cool way of knowing the professionals and how they dress up !!Easy identification of different professions !10 different profession (Air Hostess , Astronaut , Bowler , Chef , Lawyer , Mechanic , Nurse , Police ,Singer & Teacher) AGE : 3 - 12 Years  HOW TO PLAY ? Once you open the box , you will find cut outs for different professionals in parts like head , body and the lower body. A plate with a male and female body structure is given. A child has to assemble the head , body and the lower body of same profession into the plate. BENEFITS: 1. Learn Sorting 2. Develops Cognitive Skills 3. Recognition of Different professions4. Recognition of what different professional wear   BOX CONTAINS :  1. A wooden Box                                                                                                                2.30 cut outs3. wooden plank with male and female !!
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Entrepreneurship Journal
Entrepreneurship Journal Rs. 824.25 Rs. 1,099.00
A journal with activities to understand the different aspects of business management Sales Strategy , Marketing strategy , Advertising , SWOT analysis.“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”This book will help you pave a path to achieve your dreams and goals. Keeping a journal forces you to commit your goals to writing. When you write down your goals you turn vague desires into well-articulated targets you can clearly see and aim for. You’re taking the first step toward turning the desires in your head into something concrete that exists in the material world. AGE : 6-12 Years  HOW TO USE ?With this journal we are aiming to shine your entrepreneurial side, What we will do is , we have picked up a sample example of a Lemonade Business Stand and you have to pick one of your own idea and keep following the steps mentioned in the journal to make your own business plan. Keep doing the activities with each chapter and you will not only have fun but will outshine your hidden potential. BENEFITS : 1. PREPARE STUDENTS FOR AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE.2. LEAVE ROOM FOR CREATIVITY AND COLLABORATION.3. TEACH PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION.4. DEVELOP GRIT. PACKAGING CONTAINS : A Journal
Magnetic Reward Chart
Magnetic Reward Chart Rs. 1,499.00
 Magnetic Reward Chart Age: 3 years to 12 Years  Finding it a struggle to get your child to read or workout or meditate!! Our reward chart helps kids motivate in the right direction. Making sure that kids participate in the household activities, are encouraged to be physically active.Benefits: 1. Helps your child to develop a disciplined and structured life which would allow the child in the long run.2. Helps to develop vocabulary and curriculum activity skills.3. Fun and enjoyable way to make your child complete some basic daily chores.How to Use ? Our Chore Chart comes with 30 activities out of which 25 of them are predefined and the other 5 are left blank to let parents make their own activities and give child the task to be done.  20 achievement badges like You Rock , Bravo , Good Job etc are given to kids once they finish that activity.  Packing Includes: 1. One Magnetic Board  2. 30 Activities  3. 20 Achievement Badges     
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