Montessori Number Literacy
Montessori Number Literacy Rs. 799.00
Montessori wooden practice board:Helps preschool children learn to grip pencil,through touching and writing, help kids practice 123 letter number writing.In learning, develop kids hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. BENEFITS:-  This helps your kids as tool to learn and practice writing.Learn sequencing and order, pencil grip and hand eye co-ordination.Build confidence and cognitive skills while learning English writing fundamentals. BOX CONTAIN:- 1 wooden tray +250 gms rice + 0-10 tracing board card
Magnetic Life cycle - Covering 7 Life Cycles
Magnetic Life cycle - Covering 7 Life Cycles Rs. 1,299.00
This Magnetic Life Cycles Set consist of the following 7 Life Cycles: Butter Fly , Pumpkin , Strawberry, Human , Fish , Sunflower and Owl. Each of the life cycles sets is perfect for demonstrations on a large magnetic whiteboard. The Butterfly Life Cycle Set: Children can learn all about how a caterpillar turns into a magnificent butterfly BENEFITS:- Learning about life cycles is an important way to develop children's understanding of the world and help them understand and deal with weighty concepts such as life, death and birth. BOX CONTAIN:- 1 wooden magnetic board + 40+ magnetic cut outs
ilearnngrow Phonics Kit Basic Level
ilearnngrow Phonics Kit Basic Level Rs. 2,499.00
This set contains everything you need to introduce kids to alphabets and numbers. It makes learning more fun and easy. This 3 in 1 magnet set includes a full set of A-Z capital letters, a-z small letters and 1 to 10 numbers. The magnets come in 5 different colours (red, yellow, green, blue and orange). It’s ideal for school and home-schooling. Kids fall in love with our wooden alphabets and numbers. Not too big and not too small but just right – they’re perfectly sized, easy to grip and improve fine motor skills. This alphabet and number literacy set helps your child to learn identify alphabets and numbers. Kids have a lot of fun rearranging, sliding around, and sticking magnets to different magnetic surfaces. These letters and numbers are the ideal size for little hands to discover the shapes and curves of letters and numbers to learn ABC's and 123's. Also, it helps the child to learn spellings and maths calculations. BENEFITS:- Number and Alphabets Litreacy Observation skills Fine Motor skills Develops Problem solving abilities Helps in reading skills Faster Calculations BOX CONTAIN:- 1 magnetic board +1 Caps A-Z wooden cut +1 small a-z wooden cut + 2 vowels + 1-10 numbers + 1 each +,-,*/->