ileanngrow DIY Diwali Diya Making Kit with 5 Earthern diyas and six paint colors

Rs. 149.00

ileanngrow DIY Diwali Diya Making Kit with 5 Earthern diyas and six paint colors

Rs. 149.00
Product description

Embrace the spirit of creativity and tradition with our DIY Diya Kit, a delightful set designed to ignite your artistic flair while celebrating the warmth of Diwali. This kit includes five beautiful diyas and a palette of vibrant paint colors, allowing you to personalize and illuminate your festival of lights.

Key Features:

Five Beautiful Diyas: Our kit includes five intricately crafted diyas, each a canvas for your artistic expression. The diya's traditional design is the perfect symbol of the Diwali festival.

Vibrant Paint Colors: Choose from a palette of rich and vibrant paint colors to bring your diyas to life. The colors are easy to work with, making this a perfect activity for all ages.

What will my child learn?

Artistic Expression: Unleash your creativity by painting and decorating the diyas in your unique style, adding a personal touch to your Diwali celebrations.

Festive Tradition: Diwali is a time for lighting lamps, and these personalized diyas will add a special touch to your festive decorations and rituals.

Family Bonding: Painting diyas is a wonderful activity for families to come together, create, and bond during the festive season.

How to play?

Choose Your Colors: Select your favorite paint colors from the palette. You can mix colors to create custom shades if desired.

Paint the Diyas: Use a fine brush or your fingers to paint the diyas. Let your creativity flow as you design patterns, motifs, or even intricate artwork on the surface of each diya.

Allow to Dry: Once painted, place the diyas on a clean, dry surface and allow the paint to thoroughly dry. This may take a few hours.

Light Up Your Diwali: After the paint is completely dry, add a small amount of oil or ghee to the diya's reservoir and insert a cotton wick. Light the diya to illuminate your home with the warm glow of Diwali.

What will I get?

(5 Diya , paint and tea candle )

Material & Dimension

Earthen Soil Diya