Monster Stacking

Rs. 699.00 Rs. 899.00 -23% OFF

Monster Stacking

Rs. 699.00 Rs. 899.00 -23% OFF
Product description

Introducing our Monster Stacking Toy, a vibrant and engaging playtime essential designed to captivate young imaginations! This set features 28 colorful and uniquely shaped pieces that invite children to stack, balance, and create their very own monster masterpieces.

Key Features:

Colorful Monster Pieces: The set includes 28 playful and vividly colored pieces, each boasting its own whimsical monster design. These charming characters add an element of creativity and fun to playtime.

Stacking and Balancing Challenge: Children are encouraged to stack the pieces one on top of the other, creating a tower of monsters! Balancing the pieces fosters concentration, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.

Safe and Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality, child-friendly materials, this toy ensures both safety and durability, providing hours of imaginative play.

Educational and Engaging: Assembling the toy encourages problem-solving skills, fine motor development, and an understanding of balance and stability.

What will my child learn?

Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating the pieces sharpens hand-eye coordination and dexterity as children carefully stack and balance the monsters.

Spatial Awareness: Encourages an understanding of space and dimensionality as children experiment with different stacking combinations.

Creative Play: The colorful monster pieces invite imaginative play, allowing children to create their own monster worlds and scenarios.

Problem-Solving Skills: Challenges children to figure out how to balance and stack the pieces to create stable and imaginative structures.

How to play?

Select and Stack: Invite the child to choose another monster piece and carefully stack it on top of the base piece. Demonstrate how to balance the pieces to create a stable tower.

Continue Stacking: Encourage the child to continue selecting and stacking monster pieces one by one. Remind them to balance each piece carefully to prevent the tower from toppling over.

Experiment with Different Combinations: Challenge the child to try different combinations of monster pieces to create unique and imaginative towers. They can mix and match colors and shapes for added creativity.

Maintain Balance: Emphasize the importance of balance. Encourage the child to make adjustments as needed to keep the tower stable.

What will I get?

28 pieces wooden monsters.