Dress The Professional

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Dress The Professional

Rs. 699.00 Rs. 1,099.00 -37% OFF
Product description

Discover an engaging and educational way to learn about different professions with our "Dress the Professional" kit! This unique set provides hands-on experience in identifying and assembling various professions, all while honing cognitive skills and promoting recognition of different career paths.

What will my child learn?

10 Diverse Professions: From Air Hostess to Teacher, "Dress the Professional" introduces children to a wide array of occupations, offering insight into what professionals from different fields wear.

Interactive Assembly: The kit includes cutouts for the head, body, and lower body of each profession. Children assemble them onto the provided wooden plate, allowing for a tactile and interactive learning experience.

Male and Female Figures: The wooden plank features both male and female body structures, ensuring inclusivity and representation in exploring various professions.

Learn Sorting: "Dress the Professional" encourages sorting and matching skills, as children identify and correctly assemble the parts of each profession.

Develops Cognitive Skills: Through hands-on engagement, children enhance cognitive abilities like problem-solving, spatial recognition, and fine motor skills.

Recognition of Different Professions: This kit fosters an understanding and recognition of various professions, helping children gain insight into the diverse careers that exist.

Understanding Professional Attire: By assembling the figures, children become familiar with what professionals in different fields typically wear, promoting awareness of workplace attire.

How to play?

Open the Box: Upon opening the box, you'll find cutouts for different professions, each divided into parts for the head, body, and lower body.

Assemble the Figures: Using the wooden plate, children match the corresponding parts of a profession (head, body, and lower body) to create a complete representation of that profession.

What will I get?

  • A Sturdy Wooden Box
  • 30 Profession Cutouts
  • Wooden Plank with Male and Female Body Figures

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