ilearnngrow Baby's First Numbers Flash Cards

Rs. 399.00 Rs. 499.00 -21% OFF

ilearnngrow Baby's First Numbers Flash Cards

Rs. 399.00 Rs. 499.00 -21% OFF
Product description

Elevate early numeracy skills with our interactive Numbers Flash Cards! These cards offer a dynamic learning experience where children can count various objects depicted on each card and engage in a fun dot-painting activity. With clear, vibrant images and engaging activities, these flash cards provide an exciting way to introduce and reinforce counting skills.

Count and Dot Activity: Each card presents a set of objects for counting, and accompanying circles for dot painting. This hands-on activity enhances numerical recognition and fine motor skills.

Vibrant Visuals: The flash cards feature bright, high-quality images of various objects, creating a visually stimulating learning experience.

Educational Play: Encourage cognitive development, numerical proficiency, and fine motor skills as children engage with these thoughtfully designed flash cards.

Durable Construction: Crafted with sturdy materials, these cards are built to withstand the rigors of active learning, ensuring long-lasting educational value.

What will my child learn?

Numerical Proficiency: Helps children develop early counting skills by engaging with sets of objects and associating them with numerical values.

Fine Motor Skills: The dot-painting activity encourages precise hand-eye coordination and strengthens fine motor skills.

Cognitive Development: Encourages critical thinking and problem-solving abilities through numerical recognition and counting.

Visual Learning: Utilizes visual aids to reinforce numerical concepts, catering to different learning styles.

Early Education Foundation: Provides a strong start for children in understanding basic numerical concepts.

What will I get?

Set of 40 cards and a rewritable pen

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