Baby's First Colors Flash Cards

Rs. 199.00 Rs. 299.00 -34% OFF

Baby's First Colors Flash Cards

Rs. 199.00 Rs. 299.00 -34% OFF
Product description

Introduce the vibrant world of colors to your little one with our captivating Colors Flash Cards! Designed to engage young minds, these cards offer a fun and interactive way to learn about a spectrum of hues. Each card showcases different expressions providing a visual aid that enhances color recognition.

What will my child learn?

Color Recognition: Helps children identify and differentiate between various colors, laying the foundation for more advanced concepts in art and design.

Language Development: Encourages verbal communication as children learn to associate colors with their names.

Cognitive Development: Promotes critical thinking and problem-solving abilities through color identification and matching.

Visual Learning: Utilizes visual aids to reinforce color concepts, catering to different learning styles.

Early Education Foundation: Provides a strong start for children in understanding the world of colors. Identification of Different Facial Expressions.

What will I get?

12 Colors Flash Cards